Born in the town of Stevan Mokranjec, she has been enjoying rich music programs since she was a child and shows inclinations towards this art.
Arriving in Belgrade, she was occupied by other interests, of which she singles out the circus and the bonfire as her two great loves even today.

After the acquired education at the “Belgrade Polytechnic” design studies, she continues on artistic paths and further expands his boundaries and develops his talents. She attends various courses in hand sewing and fashion tailoring of shoes.
Today, an independent artist in the production of theatrical costumes and a professional flame / fire thrower. Multiple winners of various awards in theater creations of children’s theater…

2023 – Fashion designer in the AS Spitzenberg team in the creation of handmade personalized dresses for the Katalina Spitzenberg brand. Jelena’s models exude extravagance.

01/2015 – 03/20023 independent artist of Filena studio, production of theater costumes