My name is Aleksandra Pajić Lazarević and in this wonderful team I am in charge of photography and, of course, good energy, since these two are inseparable! Welcome to my world painted by colour and vision!

After finishing my studies in journalism and working in that profession for a short time, I did not stay in the field due to the strong desire and love for photography, photo processing and visual content in general. Therefore, creative and commercial photography have been the focus of my interests for five years now. Once you step into the world of photography and look through the camera lenses for the first time, there is no going back. Slowly, you become a photographer, ready to act and react, because every step you take, from then on is a step towards a potentially good photograph. Using your skills, you freeze in time someone’s precious and memorable moments, thus preserving them for eternity. The strongest emotions reside on the pages of photo albums, waiting for you to rekindle them.

In addition to photography, I am the owner of a family business where I am also employed. For the last few months, I have been actively improving my knowledge and experience in digital marketing.

I’m always up for professional development, travels and adventures in nature with a camera in my hands.